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IEA Annex 86 – Energy Efficient IAQ Management in residential buildings

Financement : -

Partenaires : Ghent University (Operating Agent), University of Nottingham and Technical University of Denmark (ST1), University of Applied Sciences of Salzburg and La Rochelle Université (ST2), Technical University of Denmark and Syracuse University (ST3), CEREMA and Technical University of Denmark (ST4), Ghent University and Université de Lille (ST5), Technical University of Denmark and Ghent University (ST6)

Participants : Marc Abadie


The goal of this proposed annex is to work in an international collaboration to create an integrated general assessment method to operationalize the air quality approach to support the development, rating and implementation of innovative and highly energy efficient IAQ management strategies. An IAQ management strategy is understood here to be any coherent set of measures by a stakeholder in the building that aims to improve IAQ. The annex proposal aims to improve the energy efficiency of the IAQ management strategies in operation and to improve their acceptability, control, installation quality and long-term reliability.

Website : IEA Annex 86

publie le jeudi 7 avril 2022