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IEA Annex 68 – Indoor Air Quality Design and Control in Low Energy Residential Buildings

Financement : ADEME
Partenaires : LaSIE (SubTask 1 leader), DTU - Denmark (coordination and ST4 leader), Syracuse University - USA (ST2 leader), TU Dresden - Germany (ST4 leader), Ghent University - Belgium (ST5 leader)...
Participants : M. Abadie


The project will gather the existing scientific knowledge and data on pollution sources in buildings, models on indoor hygrothermal and air quality as well as thermal systems, and will look to ways to optimize the provision of ventilation and air-conditioning. Gaps of knowledge will be identified and filled, not least by establishing links between knowledge that exists in the field of indoor air chemistry, modelling, and HVAC technology and controls.The overall objective is to provide a generic guideline for the design and operational strategy of residential buildings which have minimal energy consumption, and at the same time maintain a very high standard regarding Indoor Air Quality based on the control of sources, sinks and flows of heat, air, moisture, and pollutants under in-use conditions. Site internet du projet

publie le vendredi 13 avril 2018