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Indoor air quality (IAQ) models require a wide range of input data, including envelope leakage information, weather, ventilation system characteristics, contaminant source emission rates, sink removal rates, occupant schedules, and air cleaner removal rates. Many of the required model inputs are available in the literature ; however, these data have generally not been compiled in a readily accessible source. In order to facilitate the IAQ modeling process and allow for assessment of data quality and completeness, there is an urgent need for well-designed databases of measured contaminant modeling data.

The characterization of indoor sources is currently problematic as lot of studies were only focused on measuring indoor concentration levels instead of determining their emission rates which is required to model the indoor concentration changes with time. The emission rate is expressed in unit of mass per unit of time for gaseous pollutants and in number per unit of time and size range for particles.

The aim of the current project is to compile the available data regarding the emission rates of both gaseous and particulate pollutants in a systematic way into a database to provide useful information for IAQ modelers.

The structure and data of PANDORA (version 1.0) is described in the published paper : Abadie, Marc O., et Patrice Blondeau. 2011. « PANDORA database : A compilation of indoor air pollutant emissions ». HVAC&R Research 17 (4) : 602-613. doi:10.1080/10789669.2011.579877.

2021/04/27 : PANDORA is now available to the scientific community, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on all media (phones, tablets, and desktops)... on

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